My dog Lil' zangel is a 9-year old Great Dane/English Mastiff mix. She came to me at 6 weeks, afraid of the sound of other dogs barking. I enrolled her in puppy prescholl at Dogtrain. She did very well. Then I decided to enroll her somewhere else for Level 1 Obedience. When she was a year and a half she started greeting my guests by rearing up on her hind legs, meeting them face-to-face, snarling and snapping. I called all over the country for advice. Everyone told me to put her down. I did not agree with that, because I knew she was doing this because she was frightened. I called Diane at Dogtrain. She agreed to see us. Dianne saw what I meant on the first visit. She worked with us privately and then group lessons. We are regulars at the big dog playtime. I have a wonderful companion now thanks to the training of my dog and me by Dianne and her staff.

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