Coco is an 11 year old toy poodle. He had problems with his kidneys and liver, as well as stones in his bladder, along with a cracked and dry nose and some auto immune issues. He also had a red and angry looking private area and problems with his skin and loss of hair. The vet said that his lose of hair was permanent. Diane suggested that I give him BARF. Within 3 to 6 weeks, his nose and private area cleared up and he started growing hair back in his bald spot.

When Coco had a check up at the vet 3 months after he started eating the BARF, his blood panel came back normal (NO problem with his liver or kidneys), and x-rays showed no stones in his bladder.

Before I changed his diet to BARF, I was afraid that I was losing him. BARF changed his life for the better. Now I have my family member back playing with his 3 year old sister Abby, who is also a toy poodle.


Thank you Diane for your help and thanks goes to your staff as well.
Tammy Hill

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