Dogtrain has had a profound impact on the relationship between my dog and me. When I came to puppy class, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I just know that I needed some help. Jake was a different dog from that day forward. He is calmer and more relaxed. I continued with the training classes and now I train regularly twice a week in both a rally and a competition class. I have found that training offers mental stimulation which helps to burn much of Jake’s energy. He has learned how I teach and I have learned how he learns. He gets really excited about training and I also find it fun and challenging. Because Jake is a hound mix, I would never have been able to walk him off leash without the e-collar. Jake also has some aggression issues and I thought he wouldn’t like wearing the e-collar. The e-collar has given me more control over Jake and allowed me to be more dominant and therefore a better pack leader. I don’t know if I would have been able to keep Jake if it weren’t for Diane and her immense help in working with him. Many people would have probably given up on him. I am truly amazed at how far he has come and I feel blessed to be able to train with Diane. I now have a wonderful relationship with a dog I adore and I know that was made possible because of Dogtrain.

(photo courtesy of: Marny Temple)

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