When Lucy was adopted, she was catatonic. Due to her life prior to adoption, she was very rigid in posture and did not like contact from humans or other animals. The only being that she allowed near her was her housemate George (labrador mix). Among the many problems that she appeared to be suffering from, the most important for adaptation into her new life, Lucy was weary of humans, refused to get into cars, had difficulty walking on a leash, refused to eat and her anxiety incapacitated her. After working with Dogtrain, Lucy has become a confident, friendly, and playful dog. She uses an e-collar to maximize her freedom while she is on hikes, on camping trips, on walks and while she is playing at the beach. Thankfully none of her previous issues affect her life any longer due to the diligent work completed at Dogtrain. Lucy also seems to have become more relaxed due to body work she received to try and alleviate pain caused prior to her adoption. Dogtrain and the e-collar have given Lucy the opportunity to enjoy life, she is now a happy dog with the ability to trust and respect both humans and other dogs.

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