Today our big ol' beautiful Feather succumbed to cancer and slipped away to join his adoptive sisters, Bailey and Heidi, at the Rainbow Bridge . There they blissfully wait for Arlo, Jewel, Debbie and me. Feather was born July 2^nd , 1999, Feather Finn, pup of Grey's Hot Holly and Memory Calling. His racing days were spent at Lakes Region Greyhound Park in Belmont , New Hampshire . He was retired at three years of age with 105 races.

After coming to GFNC, Feather was initially adopted by Claire Lane , but his "love" for her cat Chionni led to his return. He was then fortunate to have been Alice and Ray Bossert's first foster. Debbie and I adopted him on December 23^rd , 2002. (Merry Christmas to us!) The initial transition was tough, Feather had digestive issues, but we weathered the storm, and have always been glad we did.

Feather had a regal air about him. He seldom walked, he more or less pranced. He held his head high, walking, sitting, even lying down. He thought he owned the universe. His adoptive sister Bailey taught him different though, peeing on his bed and in front of his crate every chance she got. Though a sixteen year old half blind schnauzer, she was queen and never let Feather forget whose house it was! Still, every time they went outside, Feather let Bailey follow his big black form around the yard, so she wouldn't get lost. Feather played hard. He roared around the yard, running and throwing his purple ball, or fleece toy, then pouncing, shaking, and throwing it again, spinning in circles. He was far from undisciplined though. He had his Canine Good Citizens award, and knew how to behave, quite the "gentleman".

Feather represented retired racing greyhounds well. He was in the 2007 Celebrate Greyhounds Calendar. He loved parades of all kinds, and attended most all of them, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, Kure Beach . He even got it together and had a good time at the Mayfaire Boat Show Parade last Saturday. He went to meet and greets, playdays, picnics at Halyburton, and anywhere else greyhounds were going to gather. He loved to lure course. He adored children, and seemed to enjoy having little ones draped around his neck.

Most of all, Feather loved to walk on the beach at Ft. Fisher . He would go a ways, get a little warm, and head into the water's edge to cool off. He would go out into about 6 to 12 inches of water, lie down, and let the waves roll over him as he held his head above the incoming foam. He was magnificent. Arlo, Jewel, Debbie and I will miss him in more ways than we know.

Roy Mayo


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