Field Trials/Hunt Tests

Dogtrain graduates Dick Brame and "Kate" -- 11 month old Labrador female. This team obtained their Junior Hunter title November 1st, 2009

Dogtrain Graduates Vince Tryer and "Stella" -- 18 month old Labrador. This team obtained their Junior Hunter title this past summer.

Hey Diane,

Just wanted to let you know that Stella won the Qualifying stake @ the Cape Fear Trial this weekend. I’m so proud of her. I never thought we would ever get her QAA, much less win. I’ll send a picture once I get one of Stella & her blue ribbon. Thank you for getting us heading down this fun road.

Hey Diane,

I meant to send this to you last week. This is Duke & I after his first derby. He ended up getting second place. He is an amazing marker & if I could just get him to calm down a bit, I think he could do well in the big leagues. Thanks again for getting me started training the dogs.
Stella is doing alright, we just can’t seem to make it past the land blinds in the qualifying. She has a lot of fun picking up the marks though.

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