New developments in behavioral science have made it easier than ever to have that perfect family dog!

We understand the puppy's critical imprinting learning time. With this knowledge, starting a pup early, prior to six months of age, is best.

At Dogtrain, we teach you how to use a balanced training
approach, reward training in conjunction with gentle compulsion as

Even if you are working with a mature dog, you can learn to easily apply the balanced training principles of operant conditioning. These methods have been proven to be the most effective, most humane and the most fun!

Kids and families are welcome!

Be sure to check out our upcoming Canine Kinesthaestics Clinic. Click here for more information!

Naturapet Foods

DOGTRAIN has long advocated the use of the healthiest, additive free treats and foods available to our clients.  Even though we did not sell dog food, we always endorsed high-quality nutrition.  We are all discovering that some of what we thought was high-quality was not so much so.

Starting in August 2005, I began feeding my own dogs Innova.  Within three weeks I saw marked changes in the behavior of my oldest dog, almost 10 year old Laszlo.  He had more energy, his eyes did not run as much, ears which had been a consistent issue despite due diligence on my part were now almost maintenance-free.  The Labradors began eating about half the volume of what they had been, as did the Jack Russell.  When dogs eat less, they eliminate less.  I was so happy with the positive changes in my own dogs, I started recommending Innova to my clients. 

When it became more difficult to purchase consistently -- the local retailers did not respond to the increasing market -- I contacted the NaturaPet company to find out what I needed to do in order to provide this high quality product to my clientele.  January 2006, we began selling Innova at DOGTRAIN.  I can and will order any of the products that NaturaPet makes, including cat food.  Orders are placed on Tuesdays at noon for delivery to DOGTRAIN by Friday.  If you would like us to special order anything for you, please call DOGTRAIN directly at 910.395.4399.

Click here for the Naturapet Website

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