One day in the middle of last year (2009) I brought in my newly rescued 3 yr. old female black lab to Dog Train. I was distraught and as you explained to me, she felt that through the leash I was holding. I had gotten very frustrated after just one lesson at one of those pet supermarket training classes which wasn't a class by any stretch of the imagination. It wasn't a class because they totally ostracized me and my dog, placing us in what they admitted to be doggie jail. No animal should be punished and expect them to learn anything as a result. My vet suggested I contact you. At this point I wasn't so sure anyone could help. I was sure of one thing; that I wasn't going to give up!
As I have said it has been nearly a year and coming up on Shiloh's third level obedience class with you and your staff! There isn't anyone on your staff that I hesitate in handing over the leash of my dog. Each and every time I do I learn more about handling and training the most loyal and wonderfully smart canine member of our family! Diane, not only have you and your staff given (and continue to give) me the tools I need to be an even greater owner, you have through your belief, encouragement and support--brought what I understand to be a socially interactive deprived dog to the point of interacting playfully with many diverse members of her canine species! For this I am especially grateful!
As for anyone taking the time to read this testimonial: If you have a great dog, that is awesome! However, if you take that already great dog to Dog Train I am most certain your dog (and you) will be greater! Everyone else: I just cannot say enough about the postive step by step instruction you willl recieve at Dog Train! Neither you or your dog will regret it!!

JoAnn Benedix and Shiloh

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