July 17, 2008
Dear Friends

At 4pm yesterday, Sophia left us to go supervise Lazlo in his quest for wood ducks.

She was our matriarch and protector until the very end. On Tuesday, we had a contractor at the house. Sophia had not ventured further than the backyard in the week we've been here in MA. But that morning, she knew Drew was alone in the front yard with a stranger. She purposefully left her spot in the shade of the birch tree and marched around to the front yard and placed herself strategically between Drew and the contractor. As has always
been her way, she was not menacing but just quietly made her presence known.

Had an autopsy been done the doctor would have been horrified at her stomach contents. We threw caution to the wind in her final days and she enjoyed all of her favorites: hot dogs, prime rib, dunkin' donuts and ice cream. I know at 12 years and 9 months we had her for many more years than most people have their bullmastiffs, but it doesn't make her absence any less painful. I would say my heart is broken, but it is not, it is shattered.

Sara...I now understand your tears at seeing Sophia last year at conference and why you've never gotten another bully.

Our world is a much sadder place without her. Thank you to everyone who touched and enriched her life. But we also owe a very special thank you to Maryna and Diane who helped so much in making her final year more comfortable and enjoyable.

love to you all,
Christine, Drew, Diesel and Ellie

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