Thought I should report to you about a day I will never forget. My long time friend and hunting buddy Jim Cushing and I went to Wintergreen in Bladenboro yesterday for a tower pheasant shoot. I had called Brad Fields, owner of Dock, a boykin and one of your former students. Actually Brad is the one who recommended you. He told me that this event would be perfect for Suga. So off we went.

After lunch we moved out around a horse shoe tree line with a pond and a JGL lift in the middle. The first bird that came our way was medium high about 40 yards out at 2:00 when I rolled it out. Suga held perfectly until, at the sound of her name and a left hand signal,she took off like the wind on a mission. Low and fast she went straight to the bird which was flopping around having been hit with #6 from a 20 gauge. She tried a couple times to get a grip and then jumped around puppy like like "what the heck do I do now". The bird's batteries slowed down and she grabbed it and brought it straight back, heeled at command and dropped it as instructed. Needless to say she was praised by a very proud human and was very pleased with herself. After that it was a piece of cake. All in all she brought back nine birds. An adjoining stand shooter hit a high one and it sailed out in the pasture in the death glide. Suga was a heat seeking missile and witnesses were impressed and complimentary. On another one she did a long non visual tracking retrieve on a running hen through dense cover in a wetland which earned her praise from one of the preserves staff who was standing back with a German short hair to pick up cripples etc.

You have really brought her a long way and have my eternal gratitude. I think this dog will be a good testament to your ability in working with animals and clueless people.

Next Saturday Derrick Boone will take Tar and I will have Suga. We will go back to the duck hunt at Wintergreen and try and manage the hunt so that each dog can get a chance to make four good retrieves.

This whole new world has been opened up to Suga and me thanks to your skill and patience, we are grateful.


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