We started classes at Dogtrain when Jake was 6 months:
Jan 2008- Puppy pre-school
Feb 2008- Beginner Puppy Training
May 2008- Graduate School

Basic Obedience

Several private sessions to help us get ready for Therapy Dog Certification-
successfully approved- Feb. 2008

We have attended a number of group puppy play times and now big dog play time.
We plan to join pack walks in the future

The time that Jake and I have spent at DOGTRAIN has been incredibly
valuable! Jake is a quick learner, however, I am the "old dog" in this
team. This is my first effort at truly training a dog. I have seen in
classes what Jake can do, this has given me confidence in Jake and I have
been able to set higher standards. When something is not working well for us I have learned enough to begin to analyze the situation and see what I need to do differently. Consequently, we have a lot of fun together walking in
public places, traveling and having other dogs come to our home. Soon we
will be able to begin visiting as a therapy dog team at Hospice and nursing
homes, and other facilities.

My thanks to DOGTRAIN!
Peggy Spallek

DOGTRAIN • 1038 South Kerr Avenue • Wilmington, NC 28403 • 1 (910) 395-4399 • dgtrain1@bellsouth.net