Trina is a 6 year old Labrador we adopted from the New Hanover County Humane Society when she was 2 years old. The only thing we know of her background is that she had been adopted from the Society once and returned. We are her third set of "humans". We considered ourselves lucky that we had a dog that was already well trained. We soon found out, though, that she did have one issue -- if another dog showed her any aggression while walking on leash, she would rise to the occasion and could pull me over. We worked with another trainer whom she obeyed from the start; however, it didn't work for us. Returning Trina was not an option. We contacted Diane over three years ago, and it was amazing how quickly Diane recognized our problems and was able to train ME to train TRINA. We have completed most of the courses offered, and I can walk Trina confidently. We have enjoyed our experience and continue to train with Diane. Thank you for giving us the companion dog we wanted.

Linda Kithcart

Trina and 'Pumpkin'
Trina and 'Cowboy'


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