Born 11/16/06 in a litter of four other small dachshunds, Woodstock was the only male and the most "laid back" of the litter. We got him on 12/24/06 and immediately fell in love with his dapple coloring and partial blue eye. At only five weeks old, he was little enough to fit in Mark's hand and his nose hadn't taken on the classic Dachshund profile yet.

We were struggling with training. We had heard that dachshunds were hard to house train and Woodstock seemed to be following the trend. So Mark started calling dog training services in the phone book. Diane was one of the few that actually called back and had a program that seemed like the right plan for us. On top of that, a good friend, Dale Hobbs mentioned that Diane had worked with her and her dogs.

Woodstock started puppy training in March of '07 and has progressed through puppy, beginner, and advanced training. He started out a very timid dog that was afraid of every other dog in the place as well as lacking confidence in following commands. As Missy puts it, "it was like nailing Jello to a tree". He spent his first month of small dog play hiding under the chairs.

Dachshunds can be prone to back problems, so Woodstock sees Diane regularly for bodywork to prevent muscle spasms and back problems. Her careful work with him uncovered early stages of hip dysplasia before it had a chance to cause Woodstock any pain or other mobility issues.

Today, Woodstock is prepping for his first obedience competition (scheduled for April 5th, 2009). He's a regular in the competition class and small dog play on Saturdays. He loves drawing shy dogs out from under the chairs, makes sure every human in the room has a chance to give him a pat and every dog gets some play time with "the Rockstar" every week. His self confidence
is through the roof and he prances around home and DogTrain like he owns both joints. (Don't tell him that he doesn't.)

"Woodstock" is owned by Mark and Margaret Harding...


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